Norwell Health, the largest healthcare group in New York City has joined IBM’s new blockchain network— Rapid Supplier Connect— for COVID-19 relief provision supplies. The group comprises more than 800 hospitals. RSC is a cloud-based application that makes use of blockchain technology to help connect the businesses which are engaged in supplying coronavirus relief material to buyers.

The platform would be provided free of charge to the qualifying suppliers until August 31 this year. The initiative was released in a report on Forbes which highlighted that with an increase in demand, the process of connecting with suppliers had become very time consuming and that keeping in mind the need for the time, it was important to speedily identify and verify new vendors.

A Necessary Connect

Phyllis McCready, Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer at Northwell Health said that amidst the present healthcare crisis, it was through creating their own group purchasing organizations (GPOs) and supply chain and joining forces with non-traditional suppliers that they have been maintaining an adequate stockpile of necessary equipment.

Furthermore, Mark Treshock, who is IBM’s blockchain solutions leader and Rapid Supplier Connect Chief, added that the platform can help combat COVID-19 by connecting buyers and suppliers who may otherwise have never known each other.

Blockchain Emerging As a New World Power

As the world fights a global pandemic, old structures have fallen to the ground and a new world is anticipated to awake. With a rapid downfall of traditional business models, blockchain-based crypto solutions are coming to the front. In other sectors like healthcare and education, blockchain is proving itself to be a technology fit to lead the world into its new beginnings. The adoption of blockchain, which had been slow but steady until now, is quickly escalating.