We have all already gotten used to the ruins of fake news. Now it is time for us to prepare for something altogether new and devious—the world of deep fakes. For the uninitiated, deep fakes are real looking videos of people whose profiles are morphed and twisted with the help of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. These fake videos and images are more dangerous than fake news partly because they can escalate them further and give rise to sensationalism and mistrust in the media.

Experts believe that blockchain can effectively handle deep fakes and prevent them from penetrating our lives and causing severe damages. But let us first understand what these potential damages of deep fakes are.

The Deep Dangers of Deep Fakes

Already, driven by technology and finger-tip communication, it has become very easy in the world to manipulate opinion. Morphed videos can be used for evil ends to discredit democratic processes like elections. They can be used to create chaos and mass hysteria and can also be used to target a particular person or group of people.

We have already witnessed that the impact created by fake news cannot be ignored. Similarly, the consequences of a deep fake video can be even worse, and could even trigger a war between nations and different factions in the society.

Furthermore, as it is currently being most used, deep fakes can be used to create pornographic content that can be used against celebrities as well as common people. These deep fake videos can act as a weapon for revenge, in turn, ruining the life of the person involved causing depression and social anxiety.

How can Blockchain Deep Cleanse Deep Fakes? 

Several startups are working in the direction of creating a platform to authenticate and validate the videos which are being generated. Blockchain can be used to trace these videos to their origins and hence validate their authenticity.

In a widely adopted blockchain-based system, a video gets added to the block only after the validation that it is not fake. After this, blockchain renders any change in the video impossible since it is an immutable ledger technology. Furthermore, smart contracts shall ensure that any change made to the video leaves a record behind. So the creation of a deep fake video would be totally eliminated by the massive use of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Startups Battling Deep Fakes

Eristica is a blockchain-based startup which is not designed for the purpose of combating deep fakes but which still provides a good example. It is a dare app that allows people to put up cash, create challenges, and record them. Those who win challenges get paid in cryptocurrency. But how is a dare app setting a good example fighting deep fakes?

The answer is simple and also very important for the platform itself. A deep fake video on the platform can ruin its entire credibility. To prevent this from happening, Eristica uses a combination of various strategies, from tracing transactions on the blockchain to detecting copyright contents.

Expanse: Providing a Faster, Scalable Platform to Fight Deep Fakes

The usage of blockchain to combat deep fakes is not even in infancy; in fact, it would be right to say that it hasn’t yet been born. To change this, Expanse offers you a highly scalable platform based on Ethereum through which you can begin as one of the first players to end the trend of deep fakes right when it has begun to grow. After all, an idea is where it all begins. Expanse’s innovative platform allows you to literally build your idea into a dApp with which you can actually make a difference where it matters the most.