The Chinese city of Suzhou is launching a blockchain-based pilot program in order to implement real-time notarial tracing functions throughout the country. The news was reported in several local outlets which revealed a plan to use blockchain for extending notary services in the Suzhou city of China. One media outlet that reported the news said that Suzhou authorities had announced earlier this month on 5 June that this endeavor would be able to help citizens in the city efficiently access government offices and other legal offices through the internet. 

The pilot platform has been jointly created by the Suzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Justice. It is expected to cover various fields related to healthcare, property rights, personal freedom et cetera.

“Suzhou Notary Chain”

It has been revealed that this program, named Suzhou Notary Chain, would share all the materials on Cloud; files in the format of audio or video would be shared among notaries to facilitate their use in different legal purposes. This would also enforce a real-time tracing.

A time like the coronavirus pandemic highlights the importance of such an efficient tool. Through it, the related administrative body can carry forth online notarization and can also solve disputes by tracing the entire process online. 

Usually, this process takes longer through conventional methods when storing big files on the government database takes a lot of time, space, and labor. This new system is not only cost-effective but also highly reliable in terms of security as being on blockchain guarantees the impossibility of data tampering.

China’s COVID-19 Stance to Blockchain

This is not an individual stance of China’s growing friendliness with blockchain. Only recently this month, the ex-VP of China’s Central Bank, praised the commercial success of Bitcoin.