Every discipline from all across the world is struggling to defeat the deadly coronavirus that has already caused the deaths of many. It has been reported that a Spanish research team also stands in solidarity with the world to combat COVID-19. 

The team consists of almost 100 members. Interestingly, they have proposed the idea to employ blockchain technology as a weapon to combat the virus and to save the nation. The idea is still at its proof-of-concept phase and implementation will be done shortly, immediately after the approval. 

How is the Research Team Going about the Idea? 

The Spanish research team strongly believes that blockchain technology will successfully help the world to recover. Their idea to utilize blockchain via an application is supported by the Institute of Biomedical Research Salamanca and an artificial intelligence research institute. 

Functions of the App 

As per reports, the app is technologically well advanced and hence, it can detect any possibility of the spread of the virus beforehand. This detection will then be tailored with other information from scientific journals regarding healthcare measures and will be going directly to the healthcare professionals who can then stop the spread of the virus. 

“The technology will be able to support healthcare professionals and public health officials by providing them with information that can be used when making decisions. For example, if the data shows an increase in COVID-19 cases, officials can decide whether to shelter-in-place,” says Juan Manuel Corchado and Javier Prieto from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in an interview. 

The motive is to obliterate the pandemic once and forever. The researchers hope that the same technology will be used during any such crisis in the future in order to save the nation from economic and academic losses which are the dire repercussions of any crisis that takes place. 

Growth of Blockchain Technology 

Blockchain technology has played a crucial role in the initial stages of the crisis in 2020. Many organizations and companies have resorted to blockchain technology to fight the pandemic. It is speculated that blockchain has a bright future.